Welcome on board!

The chance to discover the city and coast of Bilbao through its river on a boat is undeniably and expectional and pleasent experience.
Not only the different perspectives from the water but the relaxing sound of it, makes this abenturous excursion unforgettable. Boating under the oldest bridge in the world, getting to know the industrial past of Bilbao and the modern part at the Guggenheim Museum in one shot, definetely a rememorable day without big efforts.


tour details

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Min. 2 people
  • Inclusive: private boat and tour-guide, 1 drink and 3 pintxos per person
  • Price: depending on the boats categorie and amount of persons



I prefer people who rock the boat to people who jump out
— Orson Welles

About 3 hours after the start in the harbour of Getxo, we will arrive in the old town, where you can easily get out of the boat. Here we have the chance to continue the tour through the historical center or just enjoy a drink at the diverse bars and restaurants.

See you soon,

Be Bilbao