The world famous Guggenheim Museum is a uniquely iconic building that has breathed fresh life into Bilbao since its construction 20 years ago.

Its Form and Surrounding Area both
reflect the transition of an industrial city to the modern Bilbao of the XXI century.

This emblem of Bilbao was founded in 1997 and designed by the world famous architect
Frank O'Gehry, a masterpiece to its city.

The Guggenheim Museum contains many temporary collections, including its awing core permanent collection.


tour details

  • Duration: 2,5 hours

  • Min. 2 people

  • Inclusive: ticket for the Guggenheim Museum


Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness
— Frank Gehry

Just a few minutes walk away, the "Bellas Artes" museum, the showroom for the main Basque artists is equal in its worth to visit.

The close proximity to the river of Bilbao and the ancient arterial road has developed into a
promenade showcasing some of Bilbao's state-of-the-art architecture including the Euskalduna
Palace, the University of Deusto, the Isozaki and Iberdrola towers.

In this tour you will get in touch with the New Bilbao and its change, including the ticket to the Guggenheim Museum itself.

Looking forward to having you,

Be Bilbao