Unique basque gastronomy!

You are soon going to enter in the biggest indoor market in Europe, full of local products.
No matter if you are looking for fish or meat, vegetables or fruits, this goods and ambience
will charm every gourmet.
Let´s buy the fresh products to elaborate typical basque recipies.

tour details

  • Duration: 4 hours  
  • Min. 6 people    
  • Inclusive: fresh bought products in the market, 1 wine bottle per person, private chef and restaurant        
  • Price: 120€ / person


5 of the 50 best restaurants in the world are located in the Basque Country. That is the same amount as in France.
— El Pais (Newspaper)

Shortly after in a private and noble "txoko" (typical private basque property) our chef will help us transform the previously bought food into delicious plates so that you can learn, eat and enjoy the meal. Our guides will accompany you from buying the groceries till the dessert in this delicious

On egin,

Be Bilbao