Welcome to the Basque Country!


While visiting the Basque country and its largest city Bilbao, you are going to explore one of the most exciting regions Spain has to offer.

The Old Town; a unique atmosphere created from over 700 years of cultural heritage awaits you along its river, while the iconic Guggenheim Museum sets the stage for Bilbao's modern district. A city full of wonder and contrasts unique to Spain.

Indeed Bilbao has more to offer than can be squeezed into a single visit. Culture, gastronomy, sun, sea, world famous wineries, active tourism and most of all an identity and way of life that is awaiting your experience. 

At Be Bilbao we invite you to enjoy all these magical moments with our professional and knowlegable tour guides, skillfull experted to make your vacation unforgetable.

At Be Bilbao we offer specifically Guided Tours, inculding those that can be catered to your individual needs and requirements.

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Be Bilbao is looking forward to welcoming you in Bilbao.

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